The UMC 10’x10’ Lucite cube filled with debris exhibited .00015%  of the debris left from the Haiti 2010 earthquake on their 1 year anniversary.  For each of the 4 markets this program was executed in, 12 brand ambassadors positioned within the footprint to engage consumers. The cube installation was built in San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Kansas City.

The team enthusiastically communicated that the United Methodist Church had been in Haiti prior to the earthquake and this stunt was designed to show their commitment to this devastated country on the 1-year anniversary and beyond. 

Consumers were enthralled by the message of the unique Haiti Earthquake Commemoration campaign.  Consumers were directed to visit the UMC website to contribute to the Haiti relief campaign. Over half the people that visited the cube and approached the team were aware of the anniversary as they had heard about it on the radio or read about it in the news.