Ford Ad Bikes

A team of 6 brand ambassadors each accompanied with branded Ad-bike targeted the New York International Auto Show with mobile billboards from 11am – 5pm daily between March 29th – April 7th.  The ad bike team traveled along a pre-determined route each day, staging in front of the convention center at intervals throughout the day and during breaks for added exposure.  The pre-determined route provided the highest level of visibility to the continuous foot traffic of consumers coming and going to the auto show.  Consumers loved the Ad-bikes and would smile and wave as the team passed.  The team also caused quite a bit of rubber necking from consumers driving by the auto show, which in turn slowed down traffic and generated additional impressions from passers-bys.  The ad bike team would ride along their route 3-4 per hour, and when not on the route staged on the corner of 11th Ave and 34th St to garner impressions from the thousands of consumers walking to the auto show from 34th Street transit locations.   The ad-bike team created not only enthusiastic consumers, but also hundreds of thousands of impressions.